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Pictures from the family


The christening of Ivar Geelmuyden 1888.  Standing behind is the father Carl Victor Emanuel Geelmuyden (1859-1942), sitting in front the mother Anne Elisabeth Giertsen (1862-1925) and her mother Abel Helene Petersdtr Angell, married Giertsen (1828-1896).  Standing behind is the aunt of Ivar, Minda Giertsen, later married Plesner (1872-).

Here you will find a gallery of pictures concerning the family.  You may participate be sharing your pictures.  Please send good digital copies to be made available for the family.  You may send portraits, family pictures, or other pictures relating to the family or to places or subjects that has been of importance to the family.

If you do not have the opportunity to make good digital copies, Knut Geelmuyden and photographer Torill Vågenes Geelmuyden may make copies without any cost to you.  You may send pictures to Knut Geelmuyden, 5915 Hjelmås, Norway.  The original pictures will be returned.

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