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Here you may find links of interest to the family, and partly of use if you want to do genealogical research.  Please send suggestions if you know of a link that should be available to the family on this site.

The Digital Archive - "Digitalarkivet" 

Indexes to norwegian historical and genealogical sources and digital copies of norwegian church records are available in the Digital Archive ("Digitalarkivet"): 

A selfstudy course in reading the old german (gothic) handwriting in norwegian historical sources

This course give you an opportunity to learn how to read the german handwriting that was normal in norwegian historical sources approx. 1600-1880:      Knut Geelmuyden had responsibility for the function of the course, selection of sources and most of the transcripts.

The norwegian state archives ("Arkivverket")

In Norway an admnistrative branch called "Arkivverket" has responsibility for the old archives of the central and local archives of the state government.  "Arkivverket" consist of the national archive ("Riksarkivet" and 8 regional archives ("statsarkiv"):

The Bergen City archive ("Bergen Byarkiv")

The archival institution of Bergen city is the second or third largest archival institution in Norway.  We have in our care historical sources concerning Bergen from 1550 to our present time.  Among the sources are the book including the oldest information about the immigrant Gerrit Adriaensz van Geelmuyden.  Knut Geelmuyden, who privately is the webmaster of this website, work as department manager at Bergen Byarkiv:

Norsk slektshistorisk forening - The Norwegian Genealogical Society 

"Norsk slektshistorisk forening" give much information to those who want to do genealogical research.  They also publish the genealogical periodical "Norsk slektshistorisk tidsskrift":

Norway has two important genealogical societies, one with emphasis on the writing of genealogical articles, and one with emphasis of general research and the use of computers in genealogical research:

Databehandling i slektsforskning (DIS)  -  Genealogy Society of Norway - DIS 

The society "Data i slektsforskning" (DIS) is very useful for those who want to do genealogical research:

Software for family history

The genealogical software LEGACY FAMILY TREE is used by Knut Geelmuyden to gather and keep in order genealogical information about our family.  This software is one of a very limited number of alternatives that may be recommended for genealogical use.  You may download it from the website without andy cost to you.  If you choose to pay a moderate amount, you will get the last version with all new functions.  Legacy family tree is available in norwegian, dansih, english and dutch.