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About the family

The common ancestor for the Geelmuyden / Geelmuijden family is Gerrit Adriaensz van Geelmuyden.  He was born approx. 1632 in the town Genemuiden (at that time spelled Geelmuyden) in Overijssel, Nederland.  Only approx. 150 persons use the Geelmuyden-name in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England, USA og the Netherlands.  When all descendents from Gerrit are included we are several thousand persons in the family.

How to find information about the family

On this web site you may find information about the family on several pages:  

-  Under Contact information you will find a list of names, addresses and contact information to our present relations.

-  Under Family tree you will find information about all known members of the family.  You may go directly to the person you are interested in, and from there follow the family relations.  At the moment the family tree include only key information about the persons.  Under "Family stories you may find more detailed information about some of our ancestors.

-   Under "Family stories you may find stories and more detailed information about some of our ancestors.  You may also find information about subjects of interest to the family history.  At the moment we will not make available all the biographies of all the family members.  It is necessary to do extensive work to secure the quality of the stories, and to avoid making public information that should be kept private.  But we hope that you often will find new stories here.

-  Under Guestbook you may ask questions, discuss subjects concerning the family or other subjects of common interest to the family.

-  In the "Picture archive" you may contribute with pictures concerning the family.

-  We hope you will use "Add or correct info" to give information you may have about the family, or to give corrections to wrong information.

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A support group for the family history 

Dictionary for the family tree: Norwegian - English - Dutch

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