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Add new information or correct existing information

If you have questions or wish to contribute with information about the Geelmuyden family, you may do it here:

Send textual information or ask questions about the family or places to the Geelmuyden family historian Knut Geelmuyden

  • Use this form
  • If you want so send an appendix, you must send it with an email to             Knut Geelmuyden

Add new or correct existing information about persons


Some people have a need to be private and have a low visibility.  May be you do not want information about you to be visible in the family tree or in the list of contact information for the family.  Send an email to this website if you want removed personal information about yourself.                                                                     



A support group for the family history 

Thank you for your help

We usually do not ask you to undertake extensive work researching the family.  But we will appreciate it if you will share the knowledge about the family that you have or that is easily available to you.

When you send in stories or information  you will contribute to making the family history as correct and as complete as possible.

The Geelmuyden family historian Knut Geelmuyden will continually update stories, family tree and information about present relatives.