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Family tree

From this page you may go to the family tree.  At the moment the family tree contain information about more than 12 000 persons.  It includes spouses and parent-in-law.  Family members are also free to make available here information thay have about their other ancestors.

The family tree at the moment contain limited information about each person.  You will find information about name as well as time and place of birth, wedding and death.  In addition you will find the family connection between the persons.  By clicking on a name you go to their place in the family tree, which wil give information about parents, spouse and children.  This way you may trace their descendents or ancestors in the family tree.  

It is an intention to provide more information about each person.  But before we provide this, private information must be removed and extensive quality controls must be completed.  It will take a long time before the family tree itself contain more textual information.

To compensate for the missing information, you will find an index to historical stories concerning the family under "Family stories". The focus is particularly on our common ancestors in the 16th and 17th century.  But you will also find stories from more present times.  We hope that the number of stories will increase, and that you often will find new stories.  You are also welcome to provide text about your family, to be made available here.

From this page, you may use "Family tree" to go directly to the family information, or you may click here.


About the internet files and the software Legacy Family Tree

The internet-version of the family tree is generated from the family tree software LEGACY FAMILY TREE.  This software is used by Knut Geelmuyden to collect and keep in order the family information concerning our family.  Legacy Family Tree is among the limited number of software alternatives that may be recommended for family research.  From the web page you may download the software without any cost.  If you want to pay a limited amount, you will get the last version with all the latest functions included.

Any good family history software should be able to export information to another software by using the special format called gedcom.  Gedcom is a tool for transporting family information between different family history software.  It may be used to transfere the information to Legacy Family Tree.

LEGACY FAMILY TREE is available in english, norwegian, danish and dutch. 


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Dictionary for the family tree: Norwegian - English - Dutch

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