Stories about the Geelmuyden family

Here you will find stories about persons in the family.  You may also find stories about places or subjects that are relevant to the family.  

At the moment these stories are only located here.  Under "Family tree" you may find how the persons in the family are related to each other.

The stories are divided into two groups:  One index contain stories concerning the Geelmuyden family.  The other index contain stories concerning "Other families".  The stories in this other index normally concern families with a close or distant connection to the Geelmuyden family, for instance stories about ancestors of a person married to a Geelmuyden.

More stories will be made available here  -  You may contribute

If you have stories about persons or places concerning the family, we hope that you will write these stories and send them to us, for the benefit of other relatives and descendents.

The webmaster work on the family history.  The intention is to write and publish more stories, as often as possible.  But new stories may entail interviews with relatives or research in the historical sources.  There may be much work behind each new story.

We hope that in time the stories will be many and include as much information as possible about the family history and about places or subjects of relevance to the family history.

The stories are found under "Geelmuyden" or under "Other families".  Under "Family tree" you will find a web page leading to information about the persons in the family and how they are connected to each other.

Under Abbreviations you will find the complete word.

Under Dictionary you will find translations norwegian - english - dutch.

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How to search for stories about the family

You may choose whether to search for stories about the Geelmuyden families or stories about other families.

The index to the stories may be sorted alphabetically in each column.

You may sort the stories by christian name, patronymicon or family navn.

You may also sort the stories by century or by subject, country or location name.

Sort the table alphabetically by clicking the title of the column of choice.  You go to the story by clicking the title of the story. 

At the moment the column with the titles can not be sorted properly.