Your right to copy from this website

The purpose of this website is to make available knowledge and information about the family.

Consequently it is permitted to copy and publish the content of the website.  But this is only permitted under the following conditions:                                                                                                                            The source must always be referred to when information is published:  The source is   "Knut Geelmuydens family history website"

Information about the source must be followed by information about any changes in the text.  

You are required to send an email to the website, informing about what is to pe published, where it will be published, and who is responsible for the publishing.

In some cases other persons than Knut Geelmuyden may have the copyright to the text or illustrations.  Sometimes this may be an institution.  In any such case you must get permission from those who have the copyright. 

If you copy information to a website, we hope that you will make a link to