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The Geelmuyden family

Gerrit Adriaensz van Geelmuyden came to Bergen from the netherlands in July 1660. He is the common ancestor for the present Geelmuyden or Geelmuijden family in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England, USA og Netherland.

Here you will find information about the family history. We will gather new knowledge about all descendants of the family, including those who do not use the Geelmuyden name.  We aim in the future to make the family history available in i book.

Scoleus: Bergen ca. 1580

You may contribute

We need your help in writing the family history.  You may give information about births, weddings or deaths in your part of the family.  Perhaps you will contribute with a small history about some of the persons in your family, either a few lines or a longer history ?

To improve contact between the family members you will find addresses and contact information for the family here.  You may also use the guest book for communication.

At the moment much work is done in the creation of the web page.  It is time-consuming to provide english translations at the same time.  Therefore the english translations may be slow in appearing.  Relations who want to contribute with translations are welcome.  I regret if you find that links are not yet functioning in this english version of the site.  For those who want to read the family tree the "dictionary" behind this link may provide some help.

Family meeting in July 2010

We will arrange a 350 years jubilee and family meeting in Bergen to celebrate the arrival in Norway in 1660 of our common ancestor.  It is our intention that everyone with the Geelmuyden family name should be invited.   In addition other descendents of the Geelmuyden family will be welcome, if they make known their wish to participate in the family jubilee.  Please send addresses and email-addresses for the sending of invitations.


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Add or correct information

Here you may send corrections if you find mistakes in the information.  You may also send new information about family members.  Please add the information here.

Contact and discussions

Here you may use the guest book to discuss the Geelmuyden-family.           Go to the forum.